Actors, Models & Social Media Stars

It has been proven that the appearance of dogs in advertising and films arouses much more interest and attention from the audience. And because this is the case and they like to learn quickly, they are often cast for leading roles, become successful and remain unforgotten in time. 

Lassie dog movie star

Movie Stars

Let's finally admit it, we love the canine cast of characters: We laugh, we cry and we will never forget them. Lassie, Hooch, Beethoven and all the others, keep a place in our hearts for life.


Our buying impulse in advertising is created in a fraction of a second. Because dogs always make a good trap and reinforce this impulse, successful advertisers have made it a habit to stage a cuddly four-legged model for this purpose.

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Cartoon stars

Do we love dogs because we grew up with the memorable dog characters in the cartoons, or did we love the animal first and then the dog role in the cartoons? Whichever came first, they have always been our faithful companions and we can't but love them.

Italian Greyhound Iggy Joey

social media stars

Instagram is one of the most influential social media tools of the 2020s, and the dogs social media stars influence more and more the choice of our favorite breed and influence us in the purchase of our best friend.

dog acrobat dogsgosilly


In the circus arena, the acrobats enchant us with their meticulously rehearsed tricks. Everything has to fit perfectly when they conjure up astonishment in the faces of new audiences. A case for our four-legged specialists.

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