Professional Dogs

There are a myriad of attitudes and facettes attributable to dogs. Most of them are very clever and their auxiliar personality is easily trainable. They like to learn and be occupied and there is hardly anything you couldn’t teach them. Nevertheless, every breed has it’s own pecularity and therefore it’s best to choose your new best friend by what best suits your everyday life and routine.

rescue dogs

Save lives: Quick as a flash as a lifeguard or searching through the rubble caused by earthquakes or digging through huge piles of snow after devastating avalanches.

Detection dogs

These sniffers are on duty for people and the environment. They remind their humans when insulin is too low, track down diseases such as covid and find animal and plant species that threaten native waters and wildlife.

Protection dogs

Some guardian dogs simply protect the herd while preventing the attackers from being shot down. And some might even develop very unusual characteristics.

military dogs

Military Working Dogs

Once known as “war dogs,” military working dogs have stood beside military servicemen and servicewomen in every major military conflict. Not only do they selflessly serve their handlers and their country, they manage to be fierce, inspiring and adorable all at the same time.

Hunters & Gatherers

In addition to the classic duck hunters or modern truffle collectors, there are other very impressive specialists. Some are employed at the airport hunting for intruding birds.

Actors, Acrobats, Models & Social Media Stars

The appearance of dogs in advertising and films arouses much more interest and attention from the audience. That's why they are often cast for leading roles, become successful and remain unforgotten in time.

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